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Technical partners of guiding components and Sealing system solutions

Jiashan Kintowe Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd specializes in guide components and sealing system product design, development, production and sales, provides customers with high quality sealing components solution relying on excellent scientific research strength and strong executive function.

Our Product

Five Core Advantages

Five core advantages are the fundamental guarantee of Jintai's foothold in the international and domestic markets

  • Research And Development

    Relying on the high-tech research and development center of the municipal level and the research and development center of jintai polymer composite material technology, the company provides customers with services such as product inspection, sample configuration, formula design and experimental testing to ensure the quality of products and their superior performance.

  • Products

    Through international cooperation, drawing lessons from international advanced technology and management experience, combined with domestic practical technology, the performance and technical indicators of jintai products are at the leading level in the industry.

  • The Quality Of

    GB/T I9001-2008 / ISO9001:2000 quality management system standards are strictly implemented in production, and advanced quality management methods are applied to establish a perfect modern quality control system.

  • Service

    In line with the purpose of providing customers with high market adaptability products, jintai has always implemented the service concept of "customized on demand", "attentive service" and "problem solving", and built a standardized service system.

  • The Solution

    According to the needs of customers, we provide the design, research and development, testing, production and sales of guide components and sealing system, so as to improve the enterprise value and provide the best solutions for customers.

Business Process

Jintai continuously surpasses and sharpens, and pursues higher significance and value


Jiaxing Yintai Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd was established as a joint venture


The company received ISO9001:2000 Quality system certification


The company became the director of Fluoroplastics Processing Subcommittee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association


We increased 4 sets processing center, and obtained ZHEJIANG MADE certificate, 7ISO18001 and ISO45001 certificate


Taozhuang Engineering Plastic Factory was established and changed into Jiashan Engineering Plastic Factory


The company was restricted into Jiashan Jintai Engineering Plastic Co. Ltd


The company obtained the title of high-tech enterprise in China


The company was renamed into Jiashan Kintowe Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd, our brand products “Kintowe” have been sold in domestic and International markets, like Italy, Germany, England, United states, etc



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