Jiashan Kintowe Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd specializes in guide components and sealing system product design, development, production and sales, provides customers with high quality sealing components solution relying on excellent scientific research strength and strong executive function. We have successfully developed various materials with different properties, from phenolic resin reinforced with like cotton fiber, polyester fiber, synthetic fiber, or ultra strong special fiber, and polyester resin reinforced with synthetic fiber and self-lubricating micro powders, filled and modified PTFE products. Finished parts like wear/guide rings, guide tapes, bushings, spherical bearings, glyd rings step seals and more on. Our products have been widely accepted by domestic and foreign customers. Kintowe seals are the best way to combine high performance with economical value.

The history of Jiashan Kintowe Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd 

In 1986, Taozhuang Engineering Plastic Factory was established and changed into Jiashan Engineering Plastic Factory.

In 1992, Jiaxing Yintai Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd was established as a joint venture.

In 1999, the company was restructured into Jiashan Kintowe Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd.

In 2001, the company received ISO9001:2000 quality system certification.

In 2010, the company obtained the title of high-tech enterprises in China.

In 2012, the company became the director of Fuloroplastics Processing Subcommittee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association.

Our main products

Phenolic resin composite materials

Polyester resin composite materials

Filled PTFE products

Product Application

Hydraulics,Marine,Agriculture,Mining, Oil & Gas,Railways,Machine Tool,Printing Machinery 

Production Equipment

We have many advanced equipments, like Gluing machines, Tube rolling machines, Processing centers, Automatic CNT lathes, CNC lathes, Pressing machines etc.

Production Market

Kintowe service network throughout Southern China, North China and the Yangtze River Delta region, in close cooperation with many domestic enterprises, including Liugong, SANY, Hengli, Xiagong, Lonking, Hangzhou machine tool and other well-known enterprises. We have been exported to Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Holland, Japan, Taiwan and other regions for many years, widely the identity of customers around the world. With strict technical standards and operating methods, Kintowe has become a leading supplier of guiding components and sealing systems in China and worldwide.

Our Certificate

Honor derives from brilliant achievements, honor is the reward of devotion, and honor means a greater mission and responsibility. Honor is also a kind of affirmation and trust. It is also the driving force for the continuation of Kintowe's life. Kintowe company has stood out in the past 20 years. With its diligence and innovation, it has continuously created outstanding achievements and gained the respect and recognition of the community and the public. 

Our service

Fabric-reinforced phenolic resin or polyester resin products

Step1: Prepare raw materials

Step2: Rolling the tubes

Step 3: Machining

Step 4: Finishing

Step 5: Final Inspection

Step 6: Packing


PTFE products

Step1: Prepare raw materials

Step2: Mixing materials

Step3: Drying materials

Step5: Pressing materials

Step6: High sintering

Step7: Products Shaping/Semi-finished products

Step8: Processing

Step9: Final Inspection

Step10: Packing

We have a full range of machining services available, from Milling, Turning, Boring, Drilling etc. Many sizes and shapes can be manufactured to clients standards. Welcome to contact us for more information!