Best quality Rod step seals in bulk from China

Specification: PTFE piston and rod seals
Application: Sealing
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Tags: step seals
Advantages:High extrusion resistance

Rod step seals

The sealing performance of the step seal results from the hydrodynamic properties of the seal. The seal edge creates a steep contact pressure gradient on the high pressure side and a shallow contact pressure gradient on the low pressure side. The controlled pressure gradients minimizes fluid adherence and enables residual fluid to be returned into the system. The O-Ring relief chamfer reduces pressure loading on the seal, whereby contact and sealing performance is improved at high service pressures. The special high-lift rear chamfer combines a smooth downstream sealing face with the ability to meet large radial clearances and hardware tolerances.

Advantages of step seal:

High static and dynamic sealing effect

High extrusion resistance, meets high hardware clearances

Low friction, high efficiency

Stick-slip free starting, no sticking

High abrasion resistance, high operational reliability

Wide range of application temperatures and high resistance to chemicals depending on material


Injection molding machines

Machine tools


Mobile hydraulic

Hydraulic hammers

Download PDF: Rod Step Seals.pdf

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