Bushings used for Caterpillar

  Color: Black
Density : 1.2-1.4[g/cm3]
Ultimate Compressive strength [MPa]: 220 
Impact strength [J/m]:   24  
Hardness [HRM]:  90   
Thermal   expansion [10-5/℃]: 2-3   
Swell in water [%]: 1.0 
Coefficient Of friction(dry):1.0 
keySpecification:Material: Phenolic resin
keyPaymentTerms:TT , LC , Others
keySupplyAbility:100000 Piece
keyUseParts:Machinery Industry

Material: Phenolic resin + cotton fiber + graphite

Bushings are used to allow constrained rotation or linear motion between two or more parts. Reducing friction in bushings is important for operational efficiency. Reduced friction leads to less wear on parts and permits higher running speeds without overheating or the premature failure of the bearing. It can bear high loads and higher temperature.



Excellent dielectric strength

Good machinability

Light weight


Heat and wear resistant

Resists corrosion and chemicals

Good mechanical strength & dimensional stability

Low moisture absorption


hydraulic cylinder, industrial, all kinds of machine, food area, forklift, excavator etc 

Size: Customized / standard or non-standard size

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