Composite Marine Bushings

Type: Bushings
Application: Oscillating sealing
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Manufacturing process:Machined plastics

Composite Marine Bushings

Kintowe Composite Marine Bushings manufactured from woven polymer material, have excellent friction properties and improved wear resistance without external lubrication even on high loads.

Composite bushings are able to stand up to the highest temperatures and are able to withstand heavy loads. These bushings have resistance to wear, impressive strength, stability within various elements such as water and chemicals, are easily machines, are low maintenance, and have a shock load resistance.


Maintenance free

Weight reduction

Noise reduction

Corrosion resistance

Good chemicals resistance

Insulating material

Misalignement accommodation


Off-shore / oil & gas


Hydropower Energy

Conveyor rollers

Handling equipment


Recycling industries

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