Spherical bearings factory price

Type: Sphericals
Application: Machinery industry
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Advantage:Good chemical resistance

Spherical bearings

Spherical bearing is generally used for low speed pendular movement (i.e. angular motion), because the sliding surface is spherical shaped, it can also be used for tilting motion (i.e. aligning movement) in a certain angle range. Even the nonconcentricity between the supporting shaft and the shaft shell hole is bigger, it can work normally. Kintowe’s spherical bearing is processed with composite material (i.e. fiber-reinforced phenolic resin, fiber reinforced polyester resin and so on), has virtually no electro-chemical corrosion in seawater or other aqueous solutions, which means that the composite bearing will not rust. Kintowe’s spherical bearing has large load capacity and impact resistance, also has the properties of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, self-aligning, good lubrication or self-lubricating and no pollution, even if dislocation installation, it can work normally.

Technical Parameters:

Part Number PFC-5 PFC-20
Color Grey Green
Density 1.2-1.4g/cm³0.043-0.051lb/in³ 1.2-1.4g/cm³0.043-0.051lb/in³
Tensile Strength 45MPa6525PSI 60MPa8700PSI
Ultimate Compressive Strength 330MPa47850PSI 320MPa46400PSI
Impact Strength 24 J/m 105 J/m
Rockwell Hardness 90HRM 80HRM
Coefficient of friction 0.15-0.30(Dry)0.07-0.11(Oil) 0.14-0.18(Dry)0.08-0.11(Oil)
Temperature -40° to 130° C-40° to 266° F -40° to 130° C-40° to 266° F

Product advantages:

Low frictional coefficient

High load-chemical resistance

Good chemical resistance

No electro-chemical corrosion in aqueous solutions

Non magnetic / low water uptake

No stick slip


Material handling, food processing, automotive, brewing / bottling

Operating conditions:

Dry, water lubricated, maintenance-free


Tubes, cylindrical bushes, flange bushes, machined parts

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