Durable Back-up Rings high elasticity

Type: Back-up Rings
Application: Machinery industry
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Material type:DF-101
Property:High pressures

Back-up rings:

Backup rings are used for both static and dynamic fluid power applications and prevent the migration or extrusion of an O-ring in the gap as pressurization and de-pressurization/pressure cycling occur. The profile shape of the backup rings is usually rectangular but may also be concave at the face mating with the O-ring. 

In a sealing application, backup rings provide added extrusion resistance, and prevent damage to O-rings and seals when subjected to high pressures, larger extrusion gaps, and/or high temperatures. These PTFE backup rings resist harsh chemicals, such as acetone, fluorinated solvents, methanol, and many acids. Use them to extend the life of your O-rings and improve their performance in high-pressure applications.

Material introduction of back-up rings (DF-101) 

DF-101 has excellent electrical and non-adhesive properties, high chemical stability, and temperature resistance (from -250℃ to +260℃ ). Due to its high elasticity, DF-101 has a good sealing performance.

Typical Application:

It can be adopted in the electric or electronic industry's insulation, foodstuff or chemical machinery's adhesive resistance, and as static sealing parts or corrosion resistant gaskets.

Technical Parameters:

Material type Color Density  (g/cm3) Linear thermal expansion factor(x10-5)40-120℃ Tensile Strength(Mpa) Elongation(%) Compressive strength      (Mpa) Bending strength(Mpa) Impact strength without Notch(KJ/m2) Friction and wear properties (dry friction)
Coefficient of friction Wear scar width  (mm) Wear loss(mm3)
DF-101 White 2.1-2.2 10-12 20-30 >250 12 11-14 16 <0.1
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