Dust ring

Specification: PTFE dust rings
Application: Sealing
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Tags: step seals
Material:Filled PTFE
Advantages:Low friction, no crawling and occlusive phenomenon

Dust ring standard material:Modified PTFE

Property and Application:

Low friction, no crawling and occlusive phenomenon. Combined with piston seal ring and anti-wear ring. This product with the anti-wear and piston ring seals used in combination to prevent the cylinder oil mixed with foreign particles and cause damage to the seals and to ensure that the seals have a long service life. The piston rod seals, used in combine with the metal bushing, prevent damage to the rod.

Working conditions:


Temp. Range




-55℃ + 225 ℃

hydraulic oil, fire-resistant hydraulic oil, water etc.

Modified PTFE

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