To make contributions to society and to create higher values for customers

To make contributions to society and to create higher values for customers

The core of Jintai plastic enterprise culture includes enterprise vision, enterprise values and enterprise mission. The spirit of the enterprise is the concrete manifestation of the value of the enterprise. In the enterprise culture under the guidance of Kim to solve better oriented components and sealing system problems related to the development direction of the enterprise, to create enterprise become more reliable, more stable, more scientific, more international, more innovative and productive quality of supply chain platform, seeking to make a contribution to society, create higher value the idea for the customer.


Become a world-class supplier of sealing system solutios 


Active innovation, brave to change, cooperation and common prosperity,sharing value


Provide high quality and market adaptable sealing products


Enterprise spirit

Integrity: Honest, Reputation First, Loyalty

Respect concept: equal trust, open and objective, friendly and friendly

Realistic view: seeking truth from facts, comprehensive and objective, accurate and efficient

Professionalism: Responsibility, perseverance, and enterprising

Concept of cooperation: enthusiastic initiative, communication and cooperation, team winning

Innovation concept: learning interaction, innovation, continuous improvement