Hotsale Composite bearings affordable price

Type: Bearings
Application: Machinery industry
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Impact Strength:24 J/m
Temperature:-40° to 130° C, -40° to 266° F

Composite bearings

Kintowe bearings are ideal low friction bearings for use in high load applications where high compressive strength and low creep is required. Kintowe bearings have superior load bearing properties when compared to most thermoplastic or metal bearings.

Kintowe composite bearings are designed with the latest high-performance composite materials. Carbon-graphite and Molybdenum Disulfide fillers can be added to a modified phenolic resin formulation to provide internal lubrication that reduces frictional heat and extends wear life. Kintowe composite bearings have been used in many rolling mill bearing applications to replace bronze, copper and lead Babbitt bearings. Other benefits include low friction, low heat build-up, no cold flow conditions and excellent resiliency.

Technical Parameters: 

phenolic resin + graphite

Part Number PFC-2 Test Method
Color Black /
Density 1.2-1.4g/cm³0.043-0.051lb/in³ DIN 53476
Tensile Strength 42MPa6090PSI ISO 527
Ultimate Compressive Strength 220MPa31900PSI ISO 604
Impact Strength 24 J/m /
Rockwell Hardness 90HRM ASTM D-229
Coefficient of friction 0.15-0.30(Dry) 0.08-0.12(Oil) ASTM D 1894
Temperature -40° to 130° C -40° to 266° F

Characteristics of Kintowe composite bearings:

Self-lubricating and maintenance free

Wear resistance

Low expansion coefficient

Dimensional stability, also in wet environments

1/6 the weight of steel

Ideal for inclination compensation

Vibration damping

Very high load resistance

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