Hotsale Composite marine bearings manufacturer

Type: Bearings
Manufacturing process:Injection
Branding:Custom size

Composite marine bearings

From bushings between propeller shafts and ship hulls and brushings for rudders, marine bearings are a critical component in a range of marine hardware. Kintowe composite marine bearings are made of specialty fiber reinforced polyester resin and self-lubricating powders.

As the ship-building industry continues to advance in higher operating efficiencies and enhanced safety performance, ship operators need alternative solutions to reduce costs and extend service periods between maintenance overhauls.

Composite materials are replacing traditional bronze in a growing range of marine bearing applications. These advancements in materials offer ship owners a variety of key advantages, including:

Lower coefficient of friction

Higher compressive load capacity


Suitability for fresh or salt water

Environmentally friendly

Easier machining of complex shapes

Steering and propulsion systems

Composite materials offer many maintenance-free solutions to prevent galvanized corrosion, improve grease and oil systems, and more. 

Applications of Marine Bearings

Beyond the under-water applications of marine bearings listed above (bushings between propeller shafts, ship hulls and rudders), there are also many above-water applications for marine bearings. This includes deck hatch covers and roller bearings.

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