Hotsale Spherical rod-end bearings with solid quality

Type: Sphericals
Application: Oscillating sealing
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Material:Teflon, PTFE

Spherical rod-end bearings

Kintowe plastic rod-end bearings are self-lubricating, meaning no maintenance is required. Metal rod ends, however, need to be meticulously lubricated on a regular basis.

Plastic rod-end bearings are about half the weight of metal rod ends. This feature can decrease the overall weight and drive force requirements of a system.

Rod ends made of plastics provide much higher vibration damping when compared to their metal counterparts. The plastic materials themselves are able to absorb vibration forces much more efficiently than steel.

The lack of external lubricants makes plastic rod ends well suited for both clean and dirty environments. No greases or oils are present to seep out and contaminate sensitive workspaces, and dirt and dust have nothing to stick to on the bearing surfaces, which could otherwise reduce life.

Plastic bearing materials are extremely resistant to corrosion from water, chemicals, salt, UV rays, and more. This type of exposure, even for short periods of time, can be catastrophic to metal bearings, which can quickly rust or otherwise become damaged.

Plastic rod-end bearings can be used for all types of motion, including rotating, oscillating, and linear.


Cylinder eye ends

Agricultural equipment

Hydro Power components

Marine components

Operating conditions:

Dry, water lubricated, maintenance-free

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