Hydraulic Wear Rings and Guide Rings

Type: Wear rings
Application: Machinery Industry
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Color:Light yellow to brown, white, green, black
Impact Strength:26 J/m
Rockwell Hardness:95 HRM
Hydraulic Wear Rings and Guide Rings have the task of guiding the rods and pistons of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and preventing direct metallic contact with the cylinder housing. They must have the capacity to absorb strong transverse forces even over a short guide distance while keeping frictional losses low. We Kintowe manufacture guide rings in a variety of materials, they are manufactured and packaged to promote an open split before installation and, therefore, are clamped with their outside surface in the cylinder head. This makes it easier to assemble the cylinder. Widely used for piston or rod application and in combination with seals designed without there own guide system.

Wear Cut Styles:

Angle cut rings improve bearing stress at the gap. These rings tend to suit reciprocating movement.

  • Straight Cut, also known as Butt Cut rings are the easiest style to install in many applications. Straight cut rings are best suited for rotary movement.

  • Step cut rings also improve bearing stress at the gap. However, they offer better resistance to contaminants and spike loads. This type of design offers the best level of performance.

Typical application: 

Hydraulic support, wear rings and guide rings of hydraulic cylinders.

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