OEM PFC-6 Synthetic Fiber Phenolic Wear Rings

Type: Wear Rings
Application: Reciprocal sealing, oscillating sealing
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Color:Light yellow to brown
Impact Strength:215 J/m
Temperature:-40° to 130° C, -40° to 266° F

PFC-6 Synthetic Fiber Phenolic Wear Rings

The function of hydraulic wear rings is to guide the piston and piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder, absorbing transverse forces. At the same time, it prevents metal-to-metal contact, optimizing the performance of the sealing system.

PFC-6 Material Structure: 

Phenolic resin + synthetic fiber

PFC-6 high-strength composite material is based upon new type of phenolic resin, reinforced with specialty synthetic fiber and processed under certain temperature and pressure, it can adapt all types of service conditions.

PFC-6 Material Advantages:

good mechanical strength and flexibility

superior wear resistance and low friction

PFC-6 Material Technical Parameters:

Part Number PFC-6 Test Method
Color Light yellow to brown /
Density 1.2-1.4g/cm³
DIN 53476
Tensile Strength 40MPa
ISO 527
Ultimate Compressive Strength 320MPa
ISO 604
Impact Strength 215 J/m /
Rockwell Hardness 80HRM ASTM D-229
Coefficient of friction 0.20-0.40(Dry)
ASTM D 1894
Temperature -40° to 130° C
-40° to 266° F

Wear Cut Styles:

Angle cut rings improve bearing stress at the gap. These rings tend to suit reciprocating movement.
Straight Cut, also known as Butt Cut rings are the easiest style to install in many applications. Straight cut rings are best suited for rotary movement.
Step cut rings also improve bearing stress at the gap. However, they offer better resistance to contaminants and spike loads. This type of design offers the best level of performance.

Typical application:

High Pressure Oil Cylinder Guide Rings

Engineering Machinery Guide Rings, Bushings, Shaft Sleeves

Mining and Coal Machinery Equipment Support Rings

Hydraulic Machinery, Forging Machinery Tool Guide Bushings

Standard Size Sheet, additional sizes are available upon request.

Download PDF: PFC-6 Synthetic Fiber Phenolic Wear Rings.pdf

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