OEM Step Seals made in China

Specification: PTFE piston and rod seals
Application: Dynamic sealing
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Tags: step seals
Material:High durometer nitrile
Feature:Consistent quality

Step seals

Step seals are consists of a seal ring with a nitrile O-ring. The seal ring is made of PTFE filled with bronze or carbon, and the seal edge creates a steep contact pressure gradient on the high pressure side and a shallow contact pressure gradient on the low pressure side. The controlled pressure gradients minimizes fluid adherence and enables residual fluid to be returned into the system. The O-Ring relief chamfer reduces pressure loading on the seal, whereby contact and sealing performance is improved at high service pressures.

As its high abrasion resistance, oil proof and erosion resistance, the products can be used under the pressure from 0 to 40MPa. Temperature range is from – 30℃ to +150℃。(Depending on the components used for O-ring)

Working conditions:

Pressure Range Temp. Range Elocity Medium Material
0~60MPa -30℃ + 200 ℃  (Depending on the material of O-ring) 5m/s hydraulic oil, fire-resistant hydraulic oil, water etc. NBR/PTFE FKM

Typical application:

Machine tools

Various hydraulic cylinders



Pressing machines

Rolling machineries

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