Phenolic resin bushings added with graphite wholesale supplier

Type: Bushings
Application: Static sealing
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Feature:High extrusion resistance

Phenolic resin bushings added with graphite

Kintowe bushings are ideal for replacing conventional materials such as Phosphor Bronze, due to the self-lubricating nature of Kintowe bushings the resulting benefits are in the improved performance and increased bearing life.

In order to improve their mechanical properties, in particular the friction coefficient, the resins are often blended with friction modifiers such as, graphite, PTFE or Molybdenum Di Sulphide or often a combination of these.

Product Advantages:

• High wear resistance

• Low water absorption

• Impact and shock resistant

• Self-lubricating

• High load capacity

Color Density     [g/cm3] Ultimate Compressivestrength[MPa] Impactstrength[J/m] Hardness[HRM] Thermal   expansion[10-5/℃] Swellin water[%] CoefficientOf friction(dry)
Black 1.2-1.4 220 24 90 2-3 1.0 0.15-0.30


Marine, and chemical plant, railway, agriculture, hydraulics, water/ sewage treatment

Operating Conditions:

Dry, grease lubricated, water-lubricated, low maintenance

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