Phenolic resin spherical bearings

Type: Sphericals
Application: Oscillating sealing
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Material:Teflon, PTFE
Feature:High extrusion resistance

Inner spherical ball

Kintowe spherical ball can be a direct replacement for conventional steel spherical bearings or custom designed to suit individual customer requirements.

Kintowe PFC-1 spherical bearings have been supplied to a wide range of engineering markets worldwide for many years. They are made of cotton fiber reinforced thermosetting phenolic resin, it can last longer and will never corrode like metal or bronze types.

Technical Parameters:

Part Number PFC-1
Color Brown
Density 1.2-1.4g/cm³0.043-0.051lb/in³
Tensile Strength 45MPa6525PSI
Ultimate Compressive Strength 256MPa37120PSI
Impact Strength 26 J/m
Rockwell Hardness 95HRM
Coefficient of friction 0.23-0.46(Dry)0.12-0.14(Oil)
Temperature -40° to 130° C-40° to 266° F

Product Advantages 

Competitive prices 

Good elasticity

Low water uptake

Excellent chemical resistance

Excellent shock resistance

Good dimensional stability

Low wear rate-long life 


Cylinder eye ends

Agricultural equipment

Hydro Power components

Marine components

Operating conditions:

Dry, water lubricated, maintenance-free


Tubes, cylindrical bushes, flange bushes, machined parts

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