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Specification: Semi-finished products
Application: Dynamic sealing
Supply Ability: 10000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Color:Black, green, blue
Material:Machined plastic
Feature:Consistent quality

PTFE tubes with fillers

In most situations, PTFE is the perfect fluoroplastic for a wide range of applications. Though when virgin PTFE is not sufficient, you can choose for PTFE with a filler to obtain better properties. 

Compounds based on PTFE and modified PTFF are filled with glass fibers, carbon fibers, carbon, graphite, molybdenum sulfide bronze or organic fillers (high-per formance thermoplastics). Fillers are used to achieve a multiple of the material's original wear resistance and thermal conductivity as well as a significant reduction of cold flow under load and reduction of thermal expansion

With 20 years history in producing modified PTFE products, Kintowe Company has accumulated rich experience in production, and developed semi-finished mounding products of modified PTFE in various formulas, such as tube materials, pipe materials and rod materials used as sealing parts. We can also produce according to customers’ formulas, providing the best service to meet customers' requirements.

Typical Application:

Composite seals

Guide band for pistons and rods

Semi-finished products of PTFE sealing parts

The most commonly used fillers and their influences on compound properties:

PTFE with fillers Influence of fillers Filler content    in % of weight Limits of use
PTFE filled with glass fibers –high pressure and wear resistance as well as better thermal conductivity–very good chemical resistance–good dielectric properties up to 40% resistant to organic solvents, non-resistant to alkaline solutions and acids
PTFE filled with carbon fibers –very low deformation under load–good wear resistance, even in water–higher thermal conductivity and lower thermal expansion than glass fibers–very good chemical resistance up to 25% carbon fibers are chemically inert
PTFE filled with carbon –high pressure resistance and hardness–good sliding properties and wear behavior–good thermal conductivity–good chemical resistance–low volume and surface resistivity–electrically conductive up to 35%, also in combination with graphite compound is brittle filler may be attacked by oxidizing media
PTFE filled with graphite –good lubricating effect–low friction coefficient–no static charging–good thermal conductivity–very good chemical resistance typically up tp 5%, in exceptional cases up to 15%, also in combination with glass fibers or carbon high abrasion when used with hard metals, is attached by oxidizing media
PTFE filled with molybdenum disulfite(MoS2) –good sliding properties and wear behavior–good no-lube operation in combination with bronze up to 10%, also in combination with glass fibers or bronze not resistant when used with hot, concentrated sulfuric acid
PTFE filled with bronze –good sliding properties and wear behavior –low clod flow–good thermal conductivity–lower chemical resistance–high pressure resistance up to 60%, also in combination with MoS2 may be attacked by acids and water
PTFE filled with organic fillers(high-performance thermoplastics) –outstanding sliding properties and wear behavior–good chemical resistance–high pressure resistance in some cases–suitable for soft mating surface, e.g. aluminum–non-abrasive up to 20%, may be higher in combination with different fillers depending on the respective filler

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