The golden age of complete biodegradable plastics

In recent years, plastic into thousands of households with its convenience, penetrated into all walks of life, at the same time, bring huge 

environmental pollution, various domestic and international environmental protection policy, copyright laws and regulations, protect the environment of the bill have been introduced, that biodegradable plastics demand is gradually into the standardization, industrialization, development of biodegradable plastics is enter the golden period of vigorous development.

Biodegradable plastics: biodegradable plastics is mainly composed of natural polymer (such as starch, cellulose, chitin) polymer prepared with biodegradable or agricultural products by microbial fermentation or synthesis, such as thermoplastic starch plastics, aliphatic polyester, polylactic acid and starch / PVA are this kind of plastic.

The plastics industry is a big industry, in 2003 the national plastic products output reached 16 million 505 thousand and 300 tons, including 811 thousand tons of agricultural film, packaging film 3 million 269 thousand and 700 tons, catering consumption amounted to 3 million 120 thousand 

tons of plastic particles, the market is about 11 million tons, the output value of 192 billion yuan / year, the annual profit of over 38 billion yuan. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of environmental protection laws, the complete biodegradable plastics will gradually replace the common plastic products.