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What are the guide tapes used for?

       The guide tape is a tape-shaped element that guides the moving part. In order to realize the function of guiding, it must support the guided part, guide and correct its movement trajectory. In order to achieve the guiding function well, it also requires isolation, shock absorption and noise reduction of the guide.

        Guide tapes are mainly used in oil cylinders and air cylinders. Because of their excellent performance, they are also widely used in other motion mechanisms.

Main requirements:

1. The piston and the piston rod are radially supported in the cylinder and positioned for movement.

2. The piston rod and the guide sleeve of the two pairs of motion pairs to prevent direct scratches, wear and strain between the motion pairs. Especially when the motion pairs are all steel parts, they must be isolated, otherwise they will be easily strained.

3. Another important function of the guide tapes is to reduce the friction and friction work between the moving parts, in order to reduce the ineffective work and heat.

4. Vibration absorption and noise reduction, reduce system operation vibration and noise


       It is mainly filled with ptfe, which is short for Poly Tetra fluoroethylene and phenolic cloth, but also a very small amount of polyoxymethylene, nylon and soft metals.


       It is supplied in roll or open ring shape. The open ring can be installed and used directly, while the roll shaped guide tapes must be cut when used. The cut length needs to be calculated in advance: there can only be one opening, with an oblique 45° opening, about 3-15mm distance, or the diameter of the guide ring Of 3-5%.

       Under normal circumstances, the openings are oblique openings. Straight openings or zigzag openings are rare, and they all have specific uses and purposes. The purpose of the opening is twofold. The first is to facilitate installation. If it is not opened, it is an integral ring, which is difficult to install or impossible to install, so it must be opened. Secondly, open the opening and leave a certain opening distance to facilitate the automatic coordination of volume changes. Otherwise, the excessive expansion of the volume of the guide tapes under certain conditions may cause the movement to jam or the moving parts to strain. The roll shape is relatively cheap, and the same roll material can be used for different sizes of guide rings.

The phenolic cloth is generally open and ring-shaped, and a small amount is rolled

Poly Tetra fluoroethylene is generally rolled, a small amount is open ring