Why is the industrial output value of China's plastic doors and windows not high

According to the relevant data, China is the largest market of doors and windows in the world. Besides the traditional aluminum doors and windows, the development of plastic doors and windows is also booming. According to the current market share of plastic doors and windows, about 175 million square meters of plastic doors and windows are built every year. However, the industry of plastic doors and windows in China is very large, but its output value is not high. The main reasons are the following three points.

The concept of consumption needs to be changed

At present, Chinese buyers are mainly concerned about the qualifications of developers and builders, as well as the quality of housing construction. They pay less attention to doors and windows buyers. On the one hand, people lack knowledge of doors and windows. On the other hand, they always think that doors and windows are accessories of houses, and their quality has little influence. But in foreign countries, it is popular with such a sentence: housing is good, the key to look at the doors and windows.

Home buyers in the United States often require buildings, what kind of material, and what standard doors and windows. The price of commercial housing is 10 thousand yuan per square meter, and the price of supporting doors and windows is generally around 1000 yuan per square meter abroad, while China is only 300 yuan per square meter. This shows that the quality and level of doors and windows in China are generally low.

Malignant competition is serious

As plastic doors and windows have many unparalleled advantages of other materials and windows, plastic doors and windows are listed as one of the most important building materials in our country. Therefore, the production and application of plastic doors and windows in China have made rapid development in the past 10 years. However, due to the overheating development, the situation of serious supply exceeds the demand.

At present, the market demand of China's plastic doors and windows is about 1 million 500 thousand tons, while the plastic doors and windows of annual production capacity has reached 3 million tons, an oversupply result is industry low price competition is serious, shoddy, shoddy products occur frequently, greatly affected the reputation of plastic doors and windows. The result of low price competition also causes the whole plastic door and window industry in our country to be in a state of loss.

Du Zonghan said that although the market share of plastic doors and windows in China is quite large at present, there is still a gap compared with developed countries in foreign countries. According to statistics, the average market share of plastic doors and windows in Europe is 40%, the market share of plastic doors and windows in Germany has reached 54%, and the United States has reached 45%. In terms of building energy consumption, the total energy consumption of residential buildings in China is about 3 times that of developed countries. The energy consumption of external windows is 1.5~2.2 times higher than that of developed countries, and the air leakage rate of doors and windows is 3~6 times of developed countries. This shows that the gap between the energy saving level of our country and the developed countries is still larger.

The industry standard is disorderly

According to Du president of introduction, at present China is still not a match with the price of housing in the doors and windows industry standards, and usually for doors and windows 5 performance is wind resistance performance, air leakage performance, water permeability, thermal insulation, sound insulation performance requirements, often only samples can be qualified, but wait until after the completion of housing the qualified rate of window inspection is low.

Because, for most buyers, they do not have the ability to detect, nor can any means the 5 performances of doors and windows, while the state has no corresponding binding, so developers, developers in order to save costs, most of it in the big window "article".